We are in this field from several years. As we have studied, lived and worked abroad; hence we are in an ideal position to guide students with realities of studying abroad. We have extensively rich knowledge in the field of overseas education that has been gained over years of experience.


Our aims at providing accurate information to the individuals as well as students who are looking for further study and settle down in abroad. We understand the requirements of our clients and give them the right direction and guidance. We look forward to be a perfect bridge between the universities and the students as well as be a perfect guide to our clients who interested in various types of visas.
DESTINATION OVERSEAS, through its in-house Research & Development wing, constantly surveys and studies the education market and education policies of various preferred countries to stay abreast of lucrative study opportunities abroad. All our study materials and counselling practices reflect this spirit of innovation and our rigorous research.
Thank you for having a look at this site and what we can offer you! At Destination Overseas you will know your level and compare this to others you might speak. We offer a blended mixture of modern online material and assessments with traditional face to face teaching. From day one you will know what you will learn and why as you progress quickly through the levels. We will discuss with you your progress and areas you need to work on and you will be involved in activities off campus and have the opportunity to socialize with other students. If you choose we can promise that we shall personally look after your progress and oversee your pathway to learning English and comply to achieve your desire goal.
Knowledge is our currency and we seek to give every student of DESTINATION OVERSEAS this currency to transact successfully in today’s academic and professional world. Our credo of “Let’s Grow Globally” is what we stand by and constantly strive for, through our education systems and through our students.

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